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Comprehensive Islamic Curriculum

Journey2Jannah is an innovative digital Islamic learning platform. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from aqidah and fiqh to sirah and personal development.

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Our dynamic multisensory approach includes animated lessons, bite-sized content, gamification, and quizzes to reinforce key concepts and help students master topics.

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We offer a fun learning experience via gamification, with rewards, badges, coins, leaderboards, practice trackers, interactive actives, an avatar store, and more!

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What Parents and Teachers Have Said

Lesson was very good this is what I expected to see on the Safar online platform

- Parent

I feel that the material is commendable. As young children have short concentration spans, the platform is inviting, fun and engaging.

- Parent

My daughter really enjoyed this recap and the inbuilt activities were awesome made sure she stayed focused.

- Parent

It will keep minds occupied for longer which can prove difficult whilst teaching from old school methods.

- Parent

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